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Mrs. Katharina E. Lempert-Dober, CHE
Board of Directors – Chairwoman
(+66) 087 060 3621

Studies in Switzerland, the US, South Africa, and Thailand have prepared Katharina to enjoy working in fields she can make a difference in and at the same time travel the world.
Her core activities are Executive and Personal Coaching, Training (TOT), consulting for and developing Projects in the Health-Wellness-"gOlden Age" Sectors, public Speaking, writing, and Networking.
Extensive experience as a consultant for gender-sensitive development in Asia, Africa and the Middle East in helping establish grass-root enterprises, in putting up education campaigns, and sensitisation for equality. Creating of project-specific credit schemes for women organizations.Through working with Governments (technical support), NGOs, INGOS, communities, and individuals she focused on the empowerment of women through education, capacity building, and policy-making. Women advocacy.

Katharina is Chairwoman of the Panorama-Medica Group, with its line of Healthcare Facilitation, Consultation in development of Retirement Residences, working with governments worldwide in Medical-Hub Development.

Professor Zadok S. Lempert, PhD
President / CEO
(+66) 089 074 7883

Zadok is a Swiss national and professor for Sustainability Management – and Tourism Development –  and Author of “Green Papers”. He currently lectures in Bangkok and has served as an Advisor to the Minister of Tourism in Thailand. He looks back at a long and complex professional career during which he has travelled, worked and lectured in many countries around the globe and on several continents. He has been partner in different commercial- and tourism-oriented companies as well as spent many years as coordinator for humanitarian and economic development in post-civil-war countries, and has also served terms as CEO of the World Federation of Environmental Management as well as CEO of the World Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements. In relevance to Healthcare Tourism, and in particular specializing as a Healthcare Travel Facilitator, he has initiated and developed programmes in the UAE, Malaysia, China, and Thailand.

Mr. Franco Giovanola
Director Technology & CTO

Franco is a Business Information Management Specialist with over 25 years of extensive experience in the financial sector. Franco has been Director of IT & Organization Services, Security and Logistics, driven by objectives. A Swiss bank Start-up was successfully managed singlehandedly by Mr. Giovanola with his determined approaches. Being a Head of IT & Organization and Logistics, managing infrastructure, reorganizing IT, Security and Logistics offices, Mr. Giovanola was solely responsible for the Security of Information Systems, managing infrastructure and regulations in the banking sector. Strengths include work autonomy, independence with excellent team player capabilities, strong leadership fundamentals with vast industry experience, always filled with enthusiasm and eager to face new challenges.

Mr Wichien Harnpraween
Director, Legal and Interior Affairs

Wichien is a national of Thailand and a certified lawyer from Thammassat University. His specialisation is property, commercial, contracts, civil law for which many international companies retain his knowledge and expertise. His Thai studies were complemented with overseas studies in the UK, Germany, and USA. He speaks several languages. He will ensure that all our contracts with hospitals, clinics, hospitality, and travel enterprises will always be leading-edge documents considering all most updated law and business legislation.

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